10 Sep

Baghdad restaurant bomb toll mounts, but still far below 2012 average

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Baghdad restaurant bomb toll mounts, but still far below 2012 average; PMQs about terrorist attacks in UK raise fears

(Adds quote about London subway attack and London subway bombing in headline)

By John Walcott

JAMESTOWN, Jan 27 (Reuters) – The number of Britons killed in suicide bombing attacks in Manchester a로투스 홀짝nd London is now nearly four times the level recorded in 2010, a senior government minister said on Tuesday.

Chancellor George Osborne warned Britons not to panic over Manchester and London attacks after the country saw two more dead people at the hands of Islamic State-inspired suicide bombers in the past week.

„This is a time to put aside the scare stories,“ he told parliament, saying attacks on British soil, which has so far killed 30 people, were rare.

„This is not what the British public need right now,“ he told the House of Commons after being sworn in. „We need the British public to focus on the future of this country.“

Osborne pointed to recent statistics from the Department for Communities and Local Government which showed around 700 Britons had been killed in terrorism this year, with the most recent on Sunday when suicide bombers killed 22 in Istanbul, Turkey.

He stressed that in Britain the rate of deaths among British Muslims was still less than the rate of deaths among non-Muslim Britons.

Earlier, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out about the recent spate of attacks by Isla인터넷 바카라mic State, the splinter jihadist group which has gained notoriety for using suicide bombers to kill civilians, in the West.

He said British authorities were working together with the police and security services on new counter-terror initiatives and a „massive crackdown“ was under way.

Cameron also said there could be further steps taken to improve cooperation between authorities and other European nations on fighting violent extremism.

Police have arrested nine people in connection with the Manchester and London attacks and have begun a counter-terrorism investigation into the links between the two attacks.

Police said they had arrested a 13-year-old boy from Croydon and two men from Greater Manchester on suspicion of terror-related offences. They had been held in custody under the Terrorism Act 2000 pending further inquiries.

A 14-year-old girl, who lives in a West Midlands home where the bomber is thought to have lived, was arrested at London Bridge on Tuesday in connection with the attack that killed 22.

The British Islamic Forum, a Muslim group that organizes anti-terror골목ism counter-demonstrations

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